Lynda – Advanced Capture One Pro: Library Management 2017 TUTORiAL

Lynda – Advanced Capture One Pro: Library Management 2017 TUTORiAL | 468 MB

Capture One Pro is a powerful photo-management and raw-format conversion program. In this course, photographer Derrick Story-who uses Capture One Pro to manage his own photography business-zooms in on the photo management features of the program.

He goes into the advantages of choosing a session or catalog, and helps you decide which option best suits your work. For those who go with the catalog option, he also helps you decide between a managed or referenced catalog. Learn about integrating sessions and travel catalogs into your master libraries, using the Folders panel to control how your images are organized on the hard drive, filtering your images using star ratings, color tags, and key words, and more.

00 – Introduction
What you need to know before starting
Windows and Mac terminology
A note about backing up your work
01 – First Decisions: Catalog Types and Sessions
Choose a session or catalog
Choose a managed or referenced catalog
Import files for a managed catalog
Import files for a referenced catalog
Import files for a session
Integrate a session into a managed catalog
Integrate a session into a referenced catalog
Use the Import Session command
02 – Master User Collections
Understand the user collections area
Create a project in user collections
Add an album to user collections
Add pictures to an existing album
Add pictures to a project
Configure a Smart Album in user collections
Make a group in user collections
Show info for albums and projects
Set and add to a Selects album
Export projects and albums as catalogs
Import travel catalogs into a master catalog
03 – Hard Drive Management with the Folders Panel
The Folders panel
Move files on the hard drive via the Folders panel
Synchronize a folder
Locate missing masters
Work with your masters offline
Show and hide the folder hierarchy
Add a folder and move images into it
Put a catalog on a network
Make a referenced catalog managed
04 – Metadata, Keywords, and File Naming
Customize your file names on import (tokens)
Create a file naming preset
Create and apply a metadata preset
Add metadata to your images on import
Reset text completions
Batch rename images
Add keywords via the Metadata tool tab
Edit mistyped keywords or delete them
Delete keywords from an entire catalog
05 – Filter and Sort
Overview of the Filters panel
Add and subtract filters from the panel
Star ratings and color tags in Filters
Use keywords in the Filters panel
Use global filters
Sort thumbnails by various criteria
Save search results as albums
06 – Conclusion
Next steps

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